has been envisioned with the aim of notifying
a group of registered users of an emergency.

What is Momentum?

Due to its notification system, Momentum is an effective solution for the management of the communication system and alerting of a community of registered users.
It is a solution you can integrate with any kind of management system and includes:

web interface

Allows User registration and their management by Administrators.

Mobile Interface

Provides functionality for emergency communication between the system Administration and the registered users’ mobile devices.

Web interface


Public Area

  • Institution introduction, members, aims and activities.
  • News, map with geolocalized points of interest (POI).

Admin Area

  • Administration – platform, content and user access management.
  • Interventions – Intervention archive management.



Institution introduction.
Static customizable content (e.g. “How to…”)
Map with geolocalized points of interest.


Useful and Emergency numbers.

iphone Slider
  • App Slide
  • App Slide
  • App Slide
  • App Slide
  • App Slide

Customizable contents section

Additional contents or functionality requested by the client.


Interaction with the Momentum central system.
Notification and information receival.


Discover more about
Momentum mobile and web interface feautures.



Yammer is a private social network that allows members of the same community to connect with other people and share their opinions.
Beacon are wireless devices capable of sending radio signals that surrounding smartphone and tablets may receive and interpret thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 technology.
Smartwatch.It is an extension of the screen of the smartphone that stays in your pocket. Thanks to it you can always monitor the notifications you get.

Case History

  • Testimonial

    Ticino Cuore Foundation

    The mobile app and the web interface crafted for Ticino Cuore have been conceived with the aim of providing a technological tool able to complete two kind of task: informing Canton Ticino citizens regarding the news and events related with the Foundation and manage alarms toward first responders’ network in case of SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest).

  • Testimonial

    Thanks to the mobile app and the web interface crafted for the Canton Bern, First Responders (regional rescuing services representatives and SNZ 144 Bern) are now part of the current rescuing groups on the territor. The aim of the project for is to become quicker in giving care to patients thanks to an effective and prompt communication.

  • Definizione del progetto

  • Profilo personale

  • Interfaccia Mobile


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If you want to know more about the Momentum solution,
read or download the leaflet.