Momentum also active for EOC hospital services


Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale 


May 5, 2018



medical alert; disaster management; hospital emergencies

How does it work?

The Momentum system, allows the sending of collective alarms to the staff out of service thanks to different communication systems, such as push notifications, sms and voice calls. 

In the face of a critical situation, the central alarm of 144 calls the operator EOC to notify the event. Depending on the severity of the accident, the same EOC operator will assess which hospital to alert –  between Lugano Regional Hospital, Bellinzona and Valli Hospital, Mendrisio Hospital and Locarno Hospital – and indicate the type of intervention to be selected.

Advantages of using Momentum

Momentum allows the immediate dispatch of the alarm to the specific group to which to make reference.
The push notification will be sent with a particular and distinctive sound to make sure that you immediately understand what type of alarm refers and for which you must promptly intervene.
The conclusion of the intervention must be notified to all those who have been alerted by other means of communication (such as the sms or the pager).

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