Read the most frequently asked questions concerning Momentum.

I cannot find any App called Momentum on the store. Why?

Momentum is an emergency management system that is made up of a web platform and by a mobile app. We provide only tailor-made solutions that fit the dispatch-centers and enterprises’ needs. We only deliver customized apps that are published under the name of the local 911/112 dispatch center, local foundation or company that sponsored the adoption of the software. Therefore, you will not find a Momentum app.

What smartphone do I need?

Momentum works on every smartphone. It is compatible with iOS from version 7 or higher, and with Android from version 4.0 or higher.

In which languages is Momentum available?

Momentum is available in 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian and Czech.

How much does Momentum cost?

Momentum is free for the final users. That cost is borne by the dispatch centre, local foundation or enterprise that adopted the software We will never ask money to rescuers or first responders who installed Momentum on their mobile phones.

When will I be alerted? How are rules of engagement set?

You will be alerted if you are close to the accident site and only if you match the right requirements. Engagement rules are customized and set by the dispatch centres based on their own preferences.

Is the dispatch centre of my region/company already integrated with Momentum?

Momentum is mostly used in Switzerland, Czech Republic, and in some Italian regions. Please contact us at to know more.

We are ready to work with companies that need an emergency management system to protect employees, assets, and business continuity.

Will I be continuously tracked?

No, you will not. You will be alerted only if an emergency is taking place in a specific location of your choice. You will be geolocated only if you decide to participate to the emergency. Anyway, several different configurations are possible, but this depends on the needs of the Dispatch Center.

When alarmed, is it compulsory to intervene?

Generally speaking, no. First responders can refuse to participate to an emergency for whatever reason. Things can be different for professionals, but we suggest you should refer to your local administration for further details.

What qualification so I need to have to become First Responder?

It depends on your local regulations. We suggest you should ask your local 911 dispatch centre to find out more. Different regions have different requirements.

The dispatch centre of my region is not integrated with Momentum. What can I do?

The only thing that you can do is to spread the word about Momentum at a local level. Contact the dispatch center of your region or your local administration and bring up the topic.

I registered to the local version of Momentum, but I can’t log in the app. Why?

Once registered, your account will be reviewed by someone of your local administration in order to check and verify that you have all the requirements to participate in emergencies. Your account will be ready to be alerted only after this manual check.

Can I add an AED on the map or can I amend the information about an already-existing one?

AED maps are managed by local institutions. Please, contact your local administration or 911/112 dispatch centre to request changes.

Couldn’t find the right answer?

Momentum is developed in Switzerland by DOS Group. Please, feel free to contact us to know more about Momentum.
We will be more than happy to listen to your enquiries.

Do you want to try Momentum?

No problem! We have available test environments and Apps that will let you see with the naked eye how Momentum can your dispatch center, your company, and you.
Since Momentum is a patented product, the access to test environments is protected and it has to be allowed by our sales department.
Get in touch with us, we will send you the credentials and all the details about Momentum

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