One software, Several purposes.

Momentum is a unique, highly flexible system that is needed by every business, in every industry. There are 2 main areas of application:
Optimize technical interventions

In case of any unexpected event or when it comes to technical call-outs, you can use Momentum to alert your employees based on their skills, role, location and availability.
The platform lets you monitor the situation and optimize your resources.

Protect your employees

Using Momentum, you can deliver specific emergency messages to your employees, know where they are and instruct them with emergency procedures through several different communication channels.

The right way to engage the right person at the right time.
Every business needs Momentum

Momentum is an Emergency Management System that lets you optimize your business and better manage operations. It is an all-in-one solution made up by a Web Platform and Mobile Apps.

Momentum is a highly reliable system that, in case of any unexpected event, automatically selects the most suitable users who can intervene.

The selection is smart and it takes into consideration several requirements such as skills, availability, job, etc… and only the best users are alerted via push notifications, SMS, emails and many other communication channels.

Momentum also lets you protect your employees in any unexpected event and under any circumstances.

How does it work
Loved by HR and HSE

Momentum lets you know exactly where your employees are, what they are doing and under which circumstances.

Smart Selection

Momentum automatically alerts only the right users, avoiding pointless spam and false alarms. Only the best users are alerted.


Momentum is available in several languages: English, French, German, Italian, and Czech.


No infrastructures required. Momentum is distributed as SaaS and installed on your company’s devices.


Momentum can be used for your daily routine, but also for extraordinary events that require proper and quick communication.


Momentum is already available for iOS and Android devices.

Momentum is CROSS DEVICE

Users can be alerted on multiple devices on different communication channels. Momentum automatically manages users’ response also via sms, email or phone calls.


Let’s assume you manage a power distribution network.
A very special part of your distribution line breaks and it’s Sunday. Who are you going to call?


Momentum selects users able to fix machinery
and on call during weekends.


Selected users are contacted via push notifications, sms, emails, and many other communication channels


As soon as users receive alerts, they can give a feedback, run to the event site and intervene.

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