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Business Operation Optimization

Disruptions to industrial machinery, cyber threats and workplace injuries have a negative impact on business operations. To increase enterprise security, it is fundamental to reduce the risk of critical events. 

Momentum Business Operation Optimization helps companies automate the management of critical events, improve response, improve internal business communication, increase collaboration between employees and administration, and monitor corporate assets. 


Acting preventively

Manage your contingency plan and evacuations, provide directions, and always send updates, messages, and emails proactively. 

Collaborate and communicate profesionally

Communicate quickly with your audience in an emergency situation and increase collaboration between in-house rescue teams. 

Have everything under control

Monitor everything from incident management to crisis communications through the Momentum web console. 

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Protect your business from the unexpected

Momentum software supports organizations thanks to an effective communication system in case of emergency situations. Thanks to its multi-channel nature, Momentum guarantees the diversified sending of communications and facilitates the mobilization of emergency management personnel. In addition, in the event of a fire alarm or technical problem that could threat the safety of people, specific alarm management software can be used to generate a message to be sent both individually and in groups.