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Generic Notification System

Keeping students and administrative staff safe by fostering collaboration within an educational environment is our goal. When an emergency situation or critical event occurs, it is essential to know the location of each resource.  

Momentum Generic Notification System is the right software to guarantee versatility and timeliness.  


Keep students and internal staff safe

Moments of crisis and emergency in an educational system can be multiple and disruptive. With Momentum you have a simple and intuitive solution to communicate and keep students and administrative staff safe. 

Solve any problem

From the management of generic alarms (e.g., fires, evacuations and floods), to the detection and resolution of problems arising from the IT infrastructure. With Momentum’s emergency software and app, you can manage all your events in one platform. 

Efficient communication

With Momentum Generic Notification System you can easily send messages, documents and push notifications on the mobile emergency app. From the Console, information will be quickly sent to parents, students, and security managers. 

Monitoring of any resource

Improved effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of personnel by making business processes simpler and more transparent. 

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Manage all response tasks in a single dashboard

Momentum allows you to digitally manage any kind of communication and simplify internal emergency management processes, keeping training institutions safe.