Momentum for firefigthers

Professional Rescue Groups

A clear and reliable communication system that allows you to effectively manage emergency situations (e.g. fires) thanks to greater situation awareness and the immediate activation of the most suitable response groups. 

Momentum for Professional Rescue Groups is the management software designed to automate fire alert processes and monitor the position of rescue fleets. The modular approach allows you to add and eliminate functionality without affecting the operation of the software. In addition, Momentum for Professional Rescue Groups integrates seamlessly with the fire department’s operations center (CAD) command system, so you can quickly alert teams and provide all incident information immediately. 


Rapid and timely mobilization

Mobilize and alert only the rescuers closest to the place of emergency. This improves the timeliness and response of your teams. 

Can be integrated with central CAD software

The integration with the CAD software of the rescue centers allows a simple and immediate creation and release of the mission. 

Increased communication and collaboration

Provide complete data on the location where the emergency occurred, in order to provide the best possible assistance. 

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Better response times for greater efficiency

Momentum for Professional Rescue Groups allows firefighters to respond faster and more effectively when there are lives to be saved. The data collected by the intervention platform helps emergency responders make data-driven decisions. Fire brigade response times provide valuable information on the number of firefighters to be allocated in a given area, the number of rescue vehicles to be deployed and the equipment to be used. 

Momentum guarantees: 

  • Simple, reliable and immediate communications for better response times 
  • Automate response release processes
  • Emergency communications releases divided by groups, areas, or competencies 
  • Different channels for the release of communications (SMS, push notifications, e-mail, voice call, pager)