Momentum noitification system for hospitals

Professional Rescue Groups

In the event of major accidents, natural disasters or evacuations of buildings, hospitals have the need and obligation to equip themselves with a tool that can facilitate the mobilization and sending of emergency communications to internal staff. 

Hospitals must provide fast and effective care, guaranteeing maximum safety for internal staff and patients. Momentum for Professional Groups allows hospitals to manage any type of emergency. 


Better communication and collaboration

For hospitals it is essential to have a tool that can guarantee targeted communication and efficient collaboration in case of emergencies and evacuations. 

Asset Monitoring

Improved effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of personnel with simple and transparent business processes. 

Personnel safety

Promptly alert internal personnel, allowing them to follow evacuation plans and procedures. 

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Efficient management of all emergency situations

During emergency situations, every second is precious. Responding early can make all the difference. Momentum helps hospitals coordinate the response, promptly communicating the type of incident to the most suitable team for the intervention. 

An alert solution during the most difficult emergencies

The Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale relies on Momentum software to manage and alert medical teams when a major emergency or disaster with a high number of casualties occurs. Thanks to Momentum, the EOC can promptly alert all the doctors needed to deal with the emergency, whether they are in the hospital or outside working hours.