Business Operation Optimization

A critical event poses a threat to the company, employees, and customers.  

IT companies need to pay attention to the numerous cyber-attacks they suffer on various infrastructures. These critical events require some speed and timeliness in response. 

Momentum Business Operation Optimization’s SaaS solution is designed to help IT companies speed up the crisis management process. With our Momentum emergency management platform, you can remotely monitor the proper functioning of your IT infrastructure and immediately mobilize response groups created to mitigate any critical situation when it occurs. 


Localization of the problem

By placing sensors or connected devices, you can always know where and what type of critical event generated the emergency and quickly mobilize the most suitable response team. 

Accurate, secure and timely information

The multi-channel and robustness of Momentum’s management software allow you to send fast and reliable information on different communication channels. 

Integration with IT monitoring systems

Momentum software can be integrated into professional IT monitoring systems, so that you always have control of the servers and immediately alert the responsible picket group if necessary. 

More efficient communication

The flexibility of the software also allows you to manage the sending of important information and documents, improving communication and collaboration between teams. 

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Everything you need in one software

Momentum software is not only useful to provide support in the event of a crisis or accident, but also for remote monitoring of lone workers, for the activation of internal and external rescue groups, for the release of mass communications to large groups of users or a single user, for the monitoring of sensors and company assets. With our software you have everything you need just a click away.