Police Forces

Momentum for police force

Professional Rescue Groups

The management of a critical event may require the intervention of different groups of rescuers. For this reason, police teams must have a tool that allows the management of any critical event or emergency situation, keeping all the teams involved informed and encouraging collaboration between the teams and the intervention center. 

Momentum software helps police teams keep citizens safe, effectively guide officers during operations, and improve communication and response systems. 


Rapid and timely mobilization

Mobilize and alert only the rescue vehicles closest to the place of emergency, improving the timeliness and response of your teams. 

Can be integrated with central CAD software

The integration with the CAD software of the rescue centers allows a simple and immediate creation and release of the mission. 

Greater communication and collaboration

Provide complete data on the location where the emergency occurred, in order to provide the best possible assistance. 

Asset Monitoring

Improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of staff by making business processes simpler and more transparent. 

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Always guarantee availability, in any situation

With Momentum for Professional Rescue Groups, you can proactively manage your security operations in a single platform. Through the Momentum web console you have everything under control: from the management of emergency interventions and the shifts of police officers, to the monitoring of patrols and personnel committed to maintaining safety in the community. With Momentum software, you can simplify your operations by automating information release and emergency response processes. 

An alert solution during the most difficult emergencies

The Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale relies on Momentum software to manage and alert medical teams when a major emergency or disaster with a high number of casualties occurs. Thanks to Momentum, the EOC can promptly alert all the doctors needed to deal with the emergency, whether they are in the hospital or outside working hours.