Rescue services

Momentum for rescue service

Professional Rescue Groups

Professional rescue and emergency services aim to ensure public safety and health in the event of an emergency situation. 

Citizens are increasingly exposed to the risks generated by industrial activities, crime, and natural disasters. The increase in these events leads to a greater complexity of the emergency response by professional rescue services. For this reason, when managing an emergency or crisis situation, information must always be timely. 

Momentum for Professional Rescue Groups software has been developed to help rescue teams effectively deal with all kinds of emergencies that affect the community. 


Rapid and timely mobilization

Mobilize and alert only the rescue vehicles closest to the place of emergency.  

Can be integrated with central CAD software

The integration with the CAD software of the rescue centers allows a simple and immediate creation and release of the mission in rescue scenarios. 

Greater communication and collaboration

Access to comprehensive data on the place where the emergency occurred and on the patient’s state of health, in order to provide the best possible care. 

Monitoring of any asset

Improve the response of emergency response teams 

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Improve the response of your emergency response teams

In an emergency situation involving injuries, rescue services must be able to receive the information to move to the site of intervention quickly, safely and effectively. Momentum Fleet Management’s integrated solution helps to know the location of the healthcare personnel at any time, so as to assign the emergency to the nearest driver. Our tracking system also allows to have a two-way communication between the rescue operations center and the chosen team. 

The Federazione Cantonale Ticinese Servizi Autoambulanze (FCTSA) has chosen Momentum to optimize the management of rescue operations.

Momentum Fleet Management helps FCTSA save costs and increase safety by automatically optimizing the route, providing complete and recent trip data, and keeping parties on board and at the scene of the emergency informed and notified.