Alert the right person, at the right time, with the most suitable tool

When an emergency occurs speed, simplicity and reliability are crucial to inform the right people and protect others. Regardless of the situation, every organization needs the right tools to respond and inform its user group with the right message to reduce its impact on everyday life. In fact, a critical situation or event can affect productivity and revenue, causing slowdowns in daily production, delays in emergency response, and loss of life.
Momentum Mass Notification System is the complete solution for mass dispatch of crisis communications, ensuring that whatever situation occurs, your audience will be prepared. With an integrated notification system, Momentum allows you to send communications quickly and effectively to individuals or groups of users to request action or to keep them informed throughout the emergency.

Emergencies can happen at any time. They are unexpected, they affect you when you least expect them and the only solution that an organization has to respond to them is to have adequate preparation. With Momentum Mass Notification System you are always prepared to deal with any critical event because it helps you to develop plans and strategies to respond effectively and mitigate the effect of this on your organization or your community.


Designed and developed to handle all kinds of emergencies and today’s critical situations, Momentum enables reliable mass communication over a wide range of channels and devices so that all stakeholders are protected, informed, and connected during a critical event, regardless of where they are and what language they speak.



With a mass notification system, you respond quickly to any critical situation. Momentum is software designed to be fast and reliable and ensures that your messages are sent and delivered in seconds.


With Momentum you always have the historical reports of the intervention, the confirmation of receiving the notification and the end of the operation. In this way, you can improve the effectiveness of your emergency response.


Through Momentum’s mobile application you can directly alert the most suitable responders, providing them with information about the emergency and how to get to the site of the intervention.


Momentum allows you to send mass notifications on a wide range of devices, including mobile phones, pager systems, SMS, emails, and many others to reach the widest possible audience.


Momentum can be integrated with dispatch platforms to quickly alert target groups based on the characteristics and location of the emergency.


Momentum allows you to send communications to a single user or a community of people, making it easier to differentiate the message by groups or areas.

A tailor-made software

Momentum is a modular and tailor-made eco-system, which can be customized according to your needs and completed with additional services, such as: