Momentum algorithm is a patented product in Switzerland



20 July, 2020

Why to patent an algorithm?

After six years by its implementation (2014, cfr), and after won many prestigious awards in Switzerland, the Momentum algorithm for the management of the First Responders gets the patented certification by the Federal Bureau of Intellectual Propriety in Switzerland.

The algorithm of selection, developed to select the voluntary rescuer involved to rescue the victims hit by a sudden cardiac arrest in Switzerland, is officially a product patented by the patent office in Bern (CH). This achievement has been reached a few years after its development, since, after a careful analysis by the body, the algorithm has been evaluated as being able to meet the conditions prescribed by a law for the granting of the patent.

The patent is the title that allows those who have made the invention to commercialize it exclusively, preventing others from making the same product.
The patent can be granted by invention or by model utility: the first case is given to an object that manages to salve a technical problem that had never been solved before with a unique and innovative solution. In the case of the utility model, we are talking instead about those innovations that improve already existing objects.
In the case of Momentum, since it has managed to solve an unresolved problem in Switzerland since its implementation, the algorithm is part of the invention case. In fact, by following a series of specific instructions, the algorithm manages to transform an input and covert into an output. For the Momentum algorithm, it is a matter of identifying the rescuers closet to the emergency, alerting them and, to those who have agreed to intervene, sending all the useful information to reach the place where the rescue is required.
It is also thanks to Momentum algorithm that today, in the cantons that use the First Responder system, there is a survival rate of over 50% and an average time of 4.5 minutes to reach the place of intervention. While, in most European countries, the survival rate of the victims affected by sudden cardiac arrest is an average of 5 to 20%.

A platform to resolve any critical situation

Momentum is an eco-system developed by DOS Group to manage, alert and communicate, via push notification on smartphone, a community of registered users is able to manage a critical situation. The software, composed by a web-console platform and a mobile app (iOS & Android), is completely developed and managed by the development team of DOS Group and is used in Switzerland by many institution and organizations, in specific: 

  • 16 cantons to manage the network of First Responders formed in their respective regions and committed to helping citizens affected by sudden cardiac arrest. To date, thanks in part to the support of the Momentum platform, some cantons have raised the survival rate of victims from 10% to 50%;
  • the Ticino Cantonal Federation of Ambulance Car Services (FCTSA) to improve the management of ambulances on the territory and optimize the assignment of missions; 
  • the Fire Department of the city of Lugano for the management of internal personnel and task assignment when an emergency occurs;
  • the Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale (EOC) for the management of calls to doctors during a major emergency or catastrophe on the territory; 
  • the Cantonal Police in Tessin to manage and alert internal teams;
  • the Municipality of Arbedo-Castione to manage the volunteers involved in helping and assisting the weakest people during the Covid-19 emergency.

AGILE development

During these years, the team of developers working daily on Momentum with an approach, design and development phase related to the agile methodology. The use of an agile methodology aims to establish a clearer interaction between human resources involved in the project, providing a central role for the client in order to ensure quality and speed in software development. Starting from these assumptions we have created an extremely ductile proprietary platform that, depending on the client’s needs, allows to: 

  • select the most suitable responder and operator to perform a task or respond to an emergency request;
  • distribute information and communications directly to the smartphone of the selected users;
  • manage their network of vehicles by transmitting information, updates, tasks or anything else deemed useful or necessary;
  • manage, control, and analyze any IoT device;
  • easily and effortlessly manage the Covid-19 protocol implementation processes.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

With its modular structure, Momentum offers the possibility to have a customized and configurable integrated environment, suitable to manage any kind of service aimed at your company or a third party audience.

If you want to know all the potentialities of Momentum and to discover as it can help you and your company to optimize the processes, to improve the internal and external communication, and to reduce the costs of service, contact us.

With our solution architects, we can develop the right solution for you and your organization.