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Momentum App: a new era of Emergency Management Service


12 March, 2019

The Ticino Cuore Foundation, together with its partners, has published in Medical Journal Resuscitation a report that compares the average time to reach the emergency by the First Responder via SMS (Short Message Service) or using an alert system based on a mobile application, the Momentum App.

The Case Study

The Ticino Register of Cardiac Arrests collects all data on extra-hospital cardiac arrests (OHCA) occurring in the Canton of Ticino. During the period in which the analysis was conducted, 593 extra-hospital cardiac arrests occurred in Ticino. Thus, in 198 cases the notification to the First Responder network was sent via SMS; in 134 cases the notification to First Responders was sent via push notification via mobile APP. Another important data that has been reported during the survey is the average time that the First Responder/Lay Responder needs to arrive on the scene. Using the Momentum App, the average time in order to reach the place has been meaningfully reduced to 3,5 minutes, while if compared with the system based on SMS, they needed 5,6 minutes in order to reach it

Momentum improves EMS

In Ticino, thanks to the Ticino Cuore Foundation, out of a population of over 353,000 people, 1% are members of the First Responder network of the Ticino Cuore Foundation. A number of people who actively contribute to significantly increase the percentage of First Responders who arrive first on the scene (70% vs 15%) and that helps the Canton of Ticino to have a higher survival rate.

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