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Here is a brief summary of what rescuers asked us for.

Your needs:

  • See other team members’s current location
  • Detailed topographic map
  • Set up your team
  • Usable anywhere (in any country)
  • Suitable for harsh and loud environments
  • Alert additional rescuers if necessary
  • Data is safely stored

Exact location and location accuracy

It is important for the rescue team to know exactly where the emergency is located and if the location is accurate or rough.

For the dispatcher and for team members in the field, it is important to know where team members in the field are located and how far they are from the emergency location. In case of a helicopter pickup, the exact location is fundamental.

Detailed topographic map

It is important for the rescue team to know how to reach the emergency location and what natural obstacles they will encounter. Thanks to the detailed topographic map, this is possible.

Set up your team

Based on the mission type and the mission location, the operations manager can set up the right team in terms of number and qualifications directly from the mobile app.

Usable anywhere (in any country)

Any map can be integrated into the mobile app so that rescuers can use it anywhere in the world with the most suitable app for their needs (Swisstopo, Openstreetmap, Google Maps…).

Suitable for harsh and loud environments

Mountain rescuers may be located anywhere and need to receive the alarm notification anywhere (multichannel), hear the alarm notification (ringtones for loud environments), acknowledge easily (big buttons suitable for gloves), use the app seamlessly (user friendly and high visibility interface, no need of a user manual),…

Alert additional rescuers if necessary

In case the mission required additional rescue forces, the operations manager may need to alert additional rescuers who have not yet been alerted.

Data is safely stored

Our servers are managed entirely on Swiss territory to guarantee you the maximum privacy.

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