Canton Solothurn

Last week, the Canton of Solothurn informed the citizens and the press about the adoption of the Momentum software for the management of emergency teams and alarms for cases of cardiac arrest.

Canton Solothurn decides to rely on the Momentum emergency management software for patients suffering from cardiac arrest. The main objective: to create a highly qualified First Responder network that can provide first aid to citizens affected by cardiac arrest in the most remote areas of the canton, awaiting the arrival of the ambulance service.
The choice to rely on the Momentum app stems from the desire to:

  • improve the management of the interventions that today are entrusted to the emergency groups in the heart of the fire brigade;
  • sensitize the canton and its community to use Momentum’s emergency management software;
  • reduce the mortality rate due to cardiac arrests throughout the canton.

In this regard it is worth remembering that in Ticino, thanks to the network of First Responders and the use of the Momentum software, the average intervention time fell to 2.5 minutes: the record time allows Ticino to position itself at the top of the ranking worldwide survival rate for cardiac arrest.

Download the Momentum app and contribute to the success of the project: the app is available for iOS and Android.

Read the official press release and visit the Momentum website and find out which other cantons are part of our community.

  • Date February 20, 2019
  • Tags Momentum The Rescue Network