A national app also for First Responders: Ticino Cuore joins the project CH Responder

The Ticino Cuore Foundation chooses CH Responder to allow lay rescuers to save even more lives, intervening even when a cardiac arrest occurs outside Ticino.

The First Responders (FR) trained by the Ticino Cuore Foundation to respond to cardiac emergencies, from 1 September, can intervene even when they are outside the canton
. By joining the CH Responder project, the Ticino rescuers will be able to be employed beyond the cantonal borders to help a victim in one of the participating cantons. In this way, DOS Group and the cantons want to increase the chances of survival of the victims by increasing the number of rescuers to be alerted. In fact, in addition to alerting the teams of professionals from the 144 and non-professional teams trained by the foundations to which they belong, CH Responder also alerts rescuers in the vicinity of the scene of the emergency but belonging to other entities committed to saving the lives of people in other regions. Secondly, joining the project aims to encourage the creation of a national First Responders community that will allow Switzerland to become a model to follow and emulate throughout Europe.

Ticino Cuore Foundation

The Ticino Cuore Foundation is a well-established reality in the Ticino health sector. Established in 2005, on the initiative of the Federazione Cantonale Ticinese Servizi Autoambulanze (FCTSA) and Cardiocentro Ticino, the foundation aims to promote timely intervention in case of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). In addition to spreading the installation of public defibrillators and promoting the training of the resuscitation technique among the population, it has created an increasingly widespread network of FRs that is committed to pursuing the foundation’s goal on a daily basis. This network is composed of rescue professionals, rescue partners (police, firefighters, border guards), and ordinary citizens who, on a voluntary basis, give their availability to intervene in the case of SCA.
In order to activate the FR network, Ticino Soccorso 144, since 2014 uses the Momentum platform and, in this period, together with the Ticino rescue services, has been able to increase the number of registered lay rescuers and the survival rate of patients. In fact, to date, the Foundation registers almost 5,000 FR active in the territory and a survival rate of victims close to 50%. This is a result of absolute excellence that makes Canton Ticino one of the areas with the highest chances of survival: it is in fact well above the 8-15% recorded in the rest of Switzerland and more generally in Europe, as revealed by international data.

How to join the CH Responder project?

Six months after its official launch, the CH Responder app is used in Switzerland by the cantons of Bern, Solothurn, Basel-Stadt, and Basel-Landschaft.

How can the network of voluntary rescuers be activated? How can a canton join the CH Responder project?

First of all, it is necessary that the Canton interested to use the Cantonal app of Momentum (in Ticino you can download the Ticino Cuore app to mobilize rescuers). Secondly, to enable the reception of alerts regarding victims of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest outside their own Canton, it is necessary:

  • be registered in your canton as the First Responder;
  • obtain the BLS – AED certificate. This allows the foundation itself to communicate the availability of that FR to intervene in another canton. In addition, it certifies that the rescuer is trained to practice cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures (CPR);
  • become part of the CH Responder program, both for the canton where the emergency occurs and for the canton where the bystander is registered;
  • enable the reception of alarms through the cantonal application dedicated to all organizations and foundations participating in the Momentum project.


Momentum’s role in saving people’s lives

For extremely time-sensitive emergencies such as cardiac arrest, sending a notification to trained FRs in the immediate vicinity of an event, at the same time as the 144 response system, offers the potential to significantly improve victims’ survival outcomes. These rescuers (or FRs) are volunteer citizens who, in their daily lives, form a network and offer assistance to the community of people with whom they live. The FR network consists of a group of people and institutions that are available to intervene in cardiac arrest situations. Their aim is to integrate with the standard response of the ambulance service and help professionals before their arrival. By virtue of their presence in the community, the FRs can reach patients before the ambulance service and thus reduce the time between the first treatment and the arrival of the professionals.

Cantons that use mobile technology such as Momentum to alarm, in addition to the ambulance service, FRs trained in CPR / AED have been able to reduce intervention time and increase victims’ chances of survival. To date, 14 cantons use our software to alert and rescue victims in Switzerland. The adoption of a system like Momentum, based on sending push notifications on bystanders’ smartphones, allows the cantons to have the right tool when it comes to saving people’s lives.

  • Date September 3, 2020
  • Tags Momentum The Rescue Network