Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft

The Cantons Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft join the CH Responder project: the national app dedicated to the Swiss First Responders to intervene in case of cardiac arrest.

Starting from Saturday, February 28, 2020, the voluntary rescuers trained to respond at the cardiac arrest emergencies in the Canton of Basel Stadt and Basel-Landschaft will be able to be alerted when they are in the Cantons of Bern or Solothurn to intervene when an emergency occurs.

Alongside, the same rescuers of Bern and Solothurn will be able to be alerted when they are in the Canton of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft.

The benefits for all four cantons involved will be to have more rescuers available in the closeness of the emergency site, in order to reduce the intervention time to start the cardiac arrest procedures and, therefore, to enhance the survival rate in their own canton.

In addition, other cantons have already confirmed their participation and will contribute to expanding the CH Responder working area, with the enhancement of the number of rescuers to be alerted.

The promoters of that project in the Basel-Stadt Canton are the Department of Health, assisted by the Department of Justice and Security. For the Basel-Landschaft Canton is the “Stiftung Ersthelfer Nordwestschweiz” foundation.

They informed the First Responders network by their own platform on with the news.
First Responders can get information on what is CH Responder, how does it work, how they can fill in and which cantons join the program.
At that link, they will find instructions.

CH Responder is active in Switzerland by January 23, 2020, in the Canton of Bern and Solothurn.
To date, more than 200 interventions have been carried out and 1.500 National First Responders have been alerted.

With the participation of Canton Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft to the CH Responder program, the number of cantons that have joined the program arise to four.

In the next weeks, we will communicate the official launch for the next Cantons.

  • Date March 2, 2020
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