Canton Basel

Sudden cardiac arrest in Basel

Basel chooses Momentum for the management of cardiac arrest victims.

On 18 October 2018, the Canton Basel decided to adopt Momentum and to better manage the First Responders network set up to treat victims of sudden cardiac arrest. The aim for the canton is to use the Momentum App and the web console to increase the survival chances of people affected by sudden cardiac arrest and to alert as many rescuers as possible.
At the end of the year, the canton estimated at 740 the number of First Responders who decided to join the network of volunteer rescuers who work daily in the city of Basel.

Gesundheit BS

The collaboration between the Gesundheitsdepartementes und des Justiz- und Sicherheitsdepartementes has established a system for the management of emergencies generated by victims affected by sudden cardiac arrest. The two departments are the promoters of the First Responders program and have decided to launch this system in order to remedy the problem encountered by the ambulances in reaching the place of intervention. In fact, ambulances in the city of Basel take an average of 15 minutes to reach the victim.
This is too long for a person who has at most between 10 and 12 minutes to be resuscitated.

Gesundheit BS  & Momentum

In order to improve the service and increase the chances of survival of the victims, the Canton Basel, its Health and Justice Departments, has decided to rely on the DOS Group to develop a customized version of Momentum. The aim is to better manage the network of lay and professional First Responders, promote the activities organized by the departments and raise awareness of the local community on the topic of cardiac arrest.


In the event of a sudden cardiac arrest notified to the emergency number 144, the dispatch center is able to alert the network of local First Responders by means of a push notification on the mobile app. Active rescuers receive emergency notification on their mobile device and are asked to confirm their willingness to take part in the mission. By confirming the request for action via their smartphone, the First Responder receives sufficient information to reach the emergency location. The system geolocates all available first responders but only sends a confirmation to those who are closer to the emergency site than the ambulance.


On the page, you can find a “rescue” section in which you can view all the initiatives, information, and purposes that the department pursues. You can view a map of the city of Basel where you can view all the AEDs in the region. The private area allows First Responders to register online and keep their personal information up to date. In addition, the private area allows administrators to approve pending registration requests and manage the intervention archive.

Mobile APP

The app of the Canton Basel can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play and offers content and functionality reserved for registered users only. The public news app shows the map of AEDs in the region and contains a guide for cardiac massage. In addition, the app allows rescuers to receive emergency notifications and to interact with the central operator, confirm their willingness to intervene and obtain information on the scene of the intervention.


  • Date October 18, 2018
  • Tags Momentum The Rescue Network