Canton of Baselland, Geneva, and Jura choose Momentum

Baselland, Geneva, and Jura choose Momentum

Starting from the last week of October and the first week of November, the Canton of Baselland, Geneva, and Jura have chosen Momentum with a very important aim:

increase and improve the rescue chain of voluntary first-aiders who help victims affected by sudden cardiac arrest. 

The three cantons have decided to follow the other regions who already have adopted our web-console and app to manage and alert the Lay First Responders. The goal for newcomers is double: on the one hand, enhance the number of lay rescuers to be alerted in case of a cardiac arrest, on the other hand, enhance the chance of survival of the victims, as already happened in the Cantons where Momentum has been implemented.
In this regard, it is enough to think as just in one year from the adoption of Momentum by the Canton of Basel the survival rate has increased from 10 percent to al least 40!

On the webpage of the respective foundations is possible to have more details regarding the activity carried out by them, the training courses to become a first responder, and the link of registration to join the rescue chain.

To facilitate the research of this information will be possible visualize the link of the website of the foundation and the entities who promote the project:

Canton of Baselland

Canton of Geneve

Canton of Jura

  • Date November 30, 2019
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