• Momentum: the best APP for management First Responder in the Canton Lucerne

Canton Lucerne

Starting from Monday 1 July 2019 the Canton Lucerne has announced the beginning of the First Responder program with the use of Momentum platform for the management of emergency teams and alarms for cardiac arrest cases.

From the collaboration between Lucerne Hospital (LUKS) and the Department of Health of the Canton Lucerne, we have developed “First Responder Zentralschweiz”, the APP dedicated to First Responder network to intervene for sudden cardiac arrest in Canton Lucerne.
The beginning of the First Responder program has a double goal:

  • bring the chances of survival of the victims over 50% as happens in Ticino;
  • to create a First Responder network which involves  500 people by summer 2020.

Current situation

Today the Canton Lucerne, around 400 people a year are hit by a sudden cardiac arrest. Each of the victims has a chance of survival that varies between 5-8% and every minute without any resuscitation procedure causes the chances of recovery to be reduced by 10%. Furthermore, in most cases, the first nearest hospital is 10-12 minutes away from the emergency site. A time-space too large to save the life of a person suffering from cardiac arrest.

A look to the future

Aware of the need to intervene and improve the abovementioned data, LUKS and the Department of Health decided to use Momentum and create a system of first volunteer rescuers able to reach victims in a timely manner. In the case where the local 144 Central receives a call that has as keyword “cardiac arrest”, the central operator will alert the specialized rescue service and the First Responder network. The goal will be to reach the emergency site in time to save more lives.

The project

In a press conference, open to all stakeholders, in the LUKS hospital, the first of several training events were held to raise awareness of the problem at the local level and create the first conditions for the integration of First Responders. During the event, more than 200 people requested information on the new affiliate program. The organizers hope to be able to engage and train as many people as possible to “revive a victim in 3 minutes!” (Quote: Ester Schmid, medical director of the rescue service in Lucerne).

It will be possible to download the Momentum APP for the Canton Lucerne from 1 July 2019 both iOS and Android.

Read the official press release and find out on the Momentum website which cantons are part of our community!

  • Date May 27, 2019
  • Tags Momentum The Rescue Network