Canton of Uri and Nidwalden choose Momentum

Even Canton Uri and Nidwalden have decided to create a “First Responder System” and to adopt Momentum for the management of cardiac arrest.

Following the success reached by the Canton Lucerne, the Canton Uri and Nidwalden have decided to carry out the First Responder System and to adopt the Momentum app.
Starting from 1st January 2020, First Responders will be activated to intervene in case of emergencies registered in the Canton Uri and Nidwalden.

Reach the emergency site in time can enhance the chance of survival for the victims.

Uri and Nidwalden have understood it and they have decided to implement the “First Responder System”: the system of voluntary rescuers who give first aid in case of cardiac arrest emergencies.
It has been created with a goal: establish a rescuer chain able to reach the victim in time and, so improve the chance of survival.

In order to improve (feed) the rescuer chain will be organized trained courses and speech with the goal to train First Responders to intervene. As happens in all Cantons to be able to intervene is necessary the comes of age, be in possess of a smartphone, and to have a BLS-DAE certification.

Meanwhile, for the area composed by Canton Lucerne, Uri and Nidwalden the goal is to become the First Operator in Central Switzerland. 

Who are First Responders?

First Responders are Lay Rescuers with first aid training that reach the emergency site before the arrival of professional rescue teams.
They represent a new part of the voluntary rescue chain created in Switzerland and they give an important contribution to the survival chance for the victims because every minute counts.
With a minute without any treatment, the chance of successful reanimation comes down by 10%. In addition, according to the Kanton Nidwalden, between the alarm and the arrival of the rescue service teams are needed 10-12 minutes on average.
With the implementation of the Momentum App and of a First-Responder System the chance of survival will increase from 10% to 40% in just one year!


First Responders registered and approved will have to download the app developed for the Canton Lucerne: per Android and per iOS.

For any further information, we recommend to all First Responders to visit or

  • Date February 4, 2020
  • Tags Momentum The Rescue Network