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Canton Vaud

On 5th July 2018, The Canton Vaud announced to the Press the partnership with
, to inform security teams and to manage cardiac attack alarms.

Momentum is the unique and patented software created by DOS Group SA to better manage emergencies: a custom made Emergency Management System for rescue teams to manage just in time cardiac attacks, for companies that need to optimize operations, maintain business continuity and safeguard employees, for public order forces and companies that need to track their vehicles.

The Canton Vaud joins the list of Cantons that chose Momentum to decrease mortality rate caused by cardiac attacks: in this Canton, every day, two people suffer from heart attack. Thanks to Momentum and First Responders’ Network distributed around the territory, the survival rate will significantly increase.

All interested people can join Fondation First Responders and download Momentum App, both for IOS and Android.

Read the official press release https://bit.ly/2m0YLCa

Visit the website https://momentum.dos-group.com/ and contact us to receive a Momentum free demo.

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  • Client Canton Vaud
  • Date July 11, 2018
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