Cantons Nidwalden and Uri join the Momentum family

The app for First Responder to intervene in case of cardiac arrest |

Starting from 1st January 2020 the Cantons of Nidwalden and Uri have access to a first-aid system for the victims affected by a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

When a cardiac arrest occurs, every minute is important to save a life.
The Cantons Nidwalden and Uri, following the successful system implemented in the Canton Lucerne, have decided to adopt Momentum and give birth to the creation of lay first responders network ready to intervene.

The winning model in Lucerne

The Canton Lucerne has been the first in the region to implement an alert-system for First Responders (FRs). Thanks to the collaboration between the Cantonal Hospital of Lucerne (LUKS) and to the organizational support of the Health and Social Policies Department of Lucerne, it has become a reality.
Lucerne, in less than one year by its implementation, has reached incredible results.
The rescuers registered and trained to intervene are 730; while, the intervention where they have been alerted was 80. By the way, Canton Lucerne was marked for the number of events organized even. In less than 6 months have been organized more than 10 training days, in which they have trained Firefighters and Police Corps of Lucerne.

In order to replicate a winning system as Lucerne did, the Cantons Nidwalden and Uri have decided to join the family ad adopt Momentum, training a successful number of rescuers ready to reach the emergency site before the arrival of the (professional) medical services. The First Responders, in order to intervene, must have reached the age of majority, to have a smartphone with the cantonal app of the promoted foundation and, finally, to participate in the two hours training course.

How does it work?

First Responders are alerted directly on the app developed for the region by the 144 Rescue Center. The rescuers to log in the app shall, before, to receive the approval of the promoted foundation and, then, enter with their credentials to access.
Once registered, the First Responders will have to agree to be geo-localized by the app of the foundation.
It is so important because without the geo-localization will be impossible to know the First Responder position, send them the push notification to intervene and reach the victim.

Who are First Responders?

FRs are lay rescuers trained to – from a medical point of view – intervene in case of push notification regarding a sudden cardiac arrest. They are volunteer help, trained by the foundation which promotes the project at provide first-aid before specialized teams.

These make up an important rescue chain for the swiss region in which has been implemented because to each minute without any procedures, the chance of survival decreases by 10%. Moreover, to make things more difficult is necessary to consider that, emergency services needed among ten and twelve minutes to reach the emergency site. Nevertheless, with a system as Momentum has been registered a better response time. Indeed, the FRs alerted by the app reached the emergency site in just 4,5 minutes (compared to the 10-12 minutes necessary to the emergency teams) and enhanced the chance of survival from 10% to 50% (in just one year!)
To date, the Canton Lucerne counts more than 500 FRs trained to intervene in case of need.
They can be office workers or managers with high responsibility and are distributed equally in all Canton. °
All with the same aim: contribute every day to save a life! 


  • Date February 4, 2020
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