CH Responder: the national app for First Responders

National app for First Responders | the national app for cardiac arrest.

DOS Group SA and the Momentum team are pleased to present CH Responder: the first Switzerland app dedicated to the First Responders which will allow Cantonal rescue to intervene in case of a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

What is CH Responder?

CH Responder is the new app developed with the collaboration of the Bern and Solothurn Cantons and which will allow First Responders (FR) recognized in one of these Cantons to intervene in case of emergency. The FR which operates in one of these Cantons will be able to download the national app and be active to receive potential alarms.

How does it work?

The app lets at whatever person – which has already frequented a CPR course recognized BLS/AED and from the cantonal association that promotes the project – to register as an FR. The rescuer, upon logging, will be active to receive push notifications on any emergencies that will occur in the proximity.
As for the cantonal app – the First Responders – if are geo-localized in one of the Cantons that join the CH Responder program will receive the push notifications from the local 144 Station. Once accepted the mission, rescuers are guided on the emergency site to practice first aid to the victim. Naturally, the 144 Station will send the alarm both the local and national FR (if geo-localized in one of the Canton that join the program).

Why CH Responder?

Every year in Switzerland more than 8.000 victims are affected by an SCA and less of 5% survive. Besides, for every minute without first aid, the chance of survival is reduced by 10%. Data such as these cannot leave anyone indifferent and highlight the need for a system that allows FR to intervene in emergencies.

For this, we have decided to collaborate with our partners to create a national app that has the goal to increase the chance of survival in the case of SCA, increasing the number of FR that can be alerted.
Furthermore, with CH Responder, will join the voluntary community of the rescue that share the same goal: save as many lives as possible! 

With the development of Momentum for FR, we have been able to create a community of FR in every canton.
With CH Responder and the collaboration with our national partner, we want to create the biggest European community of FR!

What are you waiting for? Join the other Cantons and don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

  • Date January 29, 2020
  • Tags News