Federazione Cantonale Ticinese (FCTSA)

FCTSA uses Momentum Fleet Tracking to dispatch Ambulances

Starting from 2018, FCTSA uses a special version of Momentum Fleet Tracking to dispatch ambulances. The software, integrated with the dispatch center software, automatically manages the dispatch of ambulances.

Momentum Fleet Tracking is installed on the tablets mounted inside ambulances, close to the driver. As soon as the 144 dispatch center receives a call, Momentum Fleet Tracking automatically selects the best vehicle that can intervene.

The driver receives a push notification on the tablet and he can easily see the mission details and intervene. In the meantime, the dispatcher can see real-time where the ambulance is and communicate with the driver. Momentum Fleet Tracking has an integrated speech synthesizer that reads messages out loud, so that drivers can keep their hands steady on the wheel.

Momentum Fleet Tracking has several advantages:

  • Active and real-time monitoring of all vehicles on a map
  • Bi-directional communication between drivers and the dispatch center
  • Route and traffic check
  • Easy and convenient integration
  • Speech synthesizer to safely read all messages

FCTSA uses Momentum The Rescue Network to alarm First Responders

Faced with a critical situation, the FCTSA Operation Centre (144) sends the information to Momentum, which warns, via push notifications on mobile devices, all users enrolled in the system. Those who choose to respond to the message are geolocated, and only those who are in a more advantageous position than that of the emergency services will receive additional information to reach the emergency site and participate actively in the mission.

  • Client Federazione cantonale ticinese (FCTSA)
  • Date October 18, 2016
  • Tags Momentum The Rescue Network

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