First Responders and Momentum: the partecipation rate is 98%

When Sudden Cardiac Arrest happens, time makes the difference in terms of life and death, this is why several Swiss Cantons have developed a wide-spread network of first responder who can rapidly perform CPR.

First Responders are laid and professional responders who are registered to Momentum and who have the App installed on their mobile phones. When SCA happens, the dispatch center automatically alerts First Responders on Momentum App and asks them to run to the emergency site. First Responders are alerted only if they meet several requirements: they are geolocated, and Momentum automatically selects the best responders closer to the emergency site than the ambulance.

Thanks to this innovative system, the participation rate in the Ticino region has reached the skyrocketing percentage of 98%. This means that in case of Cardiac arrest and thanks to Momentum, in 98 cases out of 100 a first responder intervenes to rapidly perform BLS-D procedures.

According to Claudio Benvenuti, director at Ticino Cuore Foundation:

We record a participation rate of 95-98% of First Responders, so almost always someone activates and arrives on the spot before the ambulance

What is the ultimate consequence of this? The Ticino region has the highest survival rate with a value of 57% (while the European average is far below 20%).

These important achievements demonstrate that Momentum really makes the difference and that it is the right software to manage emergencies, specifically concerning Cardiac Arrest.

Read more about this on the article featured on TicinoOnline.

  • Client Ticino Cuore
  • Date April 16, 2018
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