Actually, in Canton Bern, 30 groups and more or less 500 people of the regional rescuing services are active to manage alarms management. Thanks to the mobile app and the web interface crafted for the Canton Bern, First Responders (regional rescuing services representatives and SNZ 144 Bern) are now part of the current rescuing groups.
In March 2010 the first aid group of Canton Bern has been put together in collaboration with the medical emergency centre SNZ 144. With the term First Responder we mean the organization composed by both the regional rescuing services representatives and the group of people who freely decide to provide first aid out of the regular ambulance service. and Momentum
In order to reach these goals in a more and more effective way, Canton Bern decided to ask DOS Group to develop a customized version of Momentum which could allow the customer to promote their First Responders’ activities and to keep in contact with their network. Thanks to the system, now medical emergency cases are managed faster until the arrival of a qualified rescue agent. The single First Responder can be alerted of an emergency through the new mobile app. In case he does not own a smartphone, Canton Bern and DOS Group decided to enable the sending of emergency notifications also towards SMS and pagers. Finally, rescuers can be reached also via email.

In case of cardiac arrest notified at the 144 emergency number, the dispatch centre alerts, via push notification, the First Responders network. The notification informs rescuers who are active in the zone of the emergency and ask them to get into action. Confirming the intervention request through his smartphone, the First Responder gets enough details to reach the emergency venue. The system geolocalizes the whole available First Responders but send a confirmation only to those who are closer to the emergency venue in comparison with the ambulance. The dispatch centre also alerts all First Responders who are enabled to receive SMS, emails or pager notifications.

Web site
At you can find a Public Area containing info regarding initiatives and scopes of the association and a map of Cant Bern where you can find all the AED’s of the region. The Private Area instead allows First Responders to register online and keep their personal info up to date. The Private Area also allows Admins to approve pending registration requests to the First Responders network and to manage the interventions archive.

Mobile App
The mobile app 1st Responder that you can download from App Store and Google Play offers as well public interest contents and features dedicated to registered users. The app publishes news, shows the AED’s map and contains a cardiac massage guide. Then, it is the point of contact between the First Responder who can receive emergency notifications and interact with the dispatch centre confirming his availability to get into action and receiving all the info regarding the emergency venue.

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  • Date April 15, 2014
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