Federazione Cantonale Ticinese (FCTSA)

Ticino ambulances are entrusted to a customized application to monitor the Momentum Fleet Tracking.

Starting from 2018, ambulances and rescue vehicles of FCTSA (Ticino Cantonal Association of Ambulance Services) are leaded through emergencies by a personalized version of Momentum Fleet Tracking.

The software, designed down to the smallest details to satisfied the needs of rescue personal, has been installed on the tablets available on board of the ambulances and is always for the crew.
In this way, the driver can receive alarm notifications, view the details of the mission, be guided in traffic and operate in the best way even in stressful situations.

Momentum Fleet Tracking for ambulances is integrated with the software of the operations center and releases automatically alarms with health information to the available ambulances, respecting the complex rules of engagement.
The software allows the control panel operators to follow the vehicles on the map in real time in order to always have a complete view of the emergency and optimize the management of the vehicles. Moreover, it is possible to communicate in real time with an integrated chat on the tablet and to know the operating status of the ambulance.

Momentum Fleet Tracking has been installed on the first 20 ambulances with excellent results. Its simplicity of use has been recognized both by the central operators and by the drivers. Moreover, with the installation of these devices, we have further refined the management of the vehicles, with faster intervention times and better use of available resources.

In the coming months, the software will be installed on the rest of the fleet used by ambulance services.

  • Date November 20, 2018
  • Tags Momentum The Rescue Network