Internet of things: DOS Group rides on innovation.

Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the most important topics both for companies and for consumer too. What is IoT and how it is work?

It is a possible evolution of the use of the network that makes it possible to make objects recognizable and intelligent. The term IoT indicates all the technologies that make it possible to transform objects into devices connected to the Internet.
According to some evaluation, the Internet of Things market in 2020 will generate a turnover of over 3 billion dollars and the consumer market will drive. It is estimated that 63% of the IoT applications in 2017 are related to the consumer market and that IoT devices will reach 40 billion over the next five years.

IoT projects in Ticino

DOS Group tests IoT applications and solutions and is one of the few companies involved in the creation of intelligent technological solutions: today we can integrate IoT sensors into our Momentum Ecosystem. Imagine a flood emergency or a garbage bin particularly full: through a sensor we can avoid a catastrophe or speed up and automate the waste collection service alerting the right vehicle at the right time.

Today we are developing an easily transportable IoT device (credit card) that will record in real time the cardiorespiratory resuscitation data and the patient’s condition. The device, integrated within the Momentum ecosystem, will improve the performance of the First Responders by providing more efficient technical and medical support and will provide doctors with all the relevant clinical data. For the realization of the device DOS Group can count on (trust) the specialized clinical consultancy from the Cardio Center and a battery-powered electric circuit supplied by SUPSI specialists.

But it did not end here 🙂

The technology team is also developing an intelligent device that, thanks to the IoT systems and the LoRa (Low Power Network) and SigFox networks, allows to locate a missing person. The project aims to create a wearable device that will be able to communicate in both reception and transmission mode. Managing the signals a mobile application and a web portal will be available that will guarantee the visualization of the transmitted data.

The networks destined for IoT

Today there are only two main networks exclusively for the Internet of Things: Sigfox – which uses a free frequency (868Mhz) and LoRa – that communicates over long distances.

DOS Group actively collaborates with both companies and is ready to invest in the development of new highly technological solutions.

Do you want to develop an IoT project?

Do you want to develop a new IoT project or integrate smart sensors into your existing systems? Contact us and we will find together the ideal solution that’s right for you.

  • Date January 8, 2019
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