The management of volunteers during the emergency Covid-19 – Case Study in Arbedo Castione

From the collaboration between DOS Group and the Municipality of Arbedo – Castione a solution was born to coordinate and manage volunteers in order to help the elderly, people with chronic diseases, and those infected by Covid-19 for all those activities and tasks, such as spending, impossible to perform at that time. The combination of the technological expertise of DOS Group, as an expert company in the development of applications, especially in the emergency sector – thanks to Momentum – and the know-how of one of the most advanced municipalities in Ticino, has made it possible to make the solution operational to optimize and speed up the management of activities.

Coordinating a team of volunteers during the Covid-19 emergency: the case of Arbedo-Castione

Arbedo Castione is a Swiss town in the Canton Ticino in the district of Bellinzona with 5’129 inhabitants. With the intensification of the pandemic and the consequent lockdown imposed during the month of March, the municipality felt the need to establish a free home delivery service for its most fragile citizens, aimed at those weak and elderly citizens in difficulty.

“Our need was to respond in a timely and reliable manner to the requests of those citizens who felt a little disoriented and in some cases frightened during the covid-19 emergency”.

The service, carried out by volunteers domiciled in the municipality and those living in neighboring municipalities and municipal employees, was based on a series of manual processes, mostly carried out by telephone.

The solution: Momentum as a platform to manage teams of volunteers  

App per gestire i volontari durante il coronavirus

“We are starving for technology”  

The manual process, developed by the municipal secretary Giuseppe Allegri (in the photo on the right), consisted in reaching the people in charge by telephone and then making them go through the municipal chancellery to collect the lists with the activities to be carried out at the affiliated stores.

“Although this process was long and not automatic, at the beginning of the emergency, we were able to help those who were in most difficulty. Then, thanks to the help of DOS and our desire for technology that leads us to be interested in all those tools that can streamline processes and automate them, we decided to adopt Momentum”.

Leveraging the functionality already present in Momentum, designed to optimize team management and the automation of communication release processes, the Ticino municipality has been able to manage more easily the people and teams of volunteers in the area. In fact, with its web interface, Momentum allowed project managers to release activities more easily, significantly reducing the number of volunteers (who previously had to physically reach the stationery) by communicating directly via app the shopping lists. In fact, the volunteer received the purchase order and delivery address on their mobile device.

The advantages of communication management software:  Automation, Efficiency, and Speed 

The main advantages found by the project manager of the municipality and the Momentum platform were the automation of the process of sending the lists of activities to be carried out and a boost in terms of efficiency and speed by the volunteers. In fact, if on the one hand they were able to eliminate part of the manual process of calling the volunteers, on the other hand the application of Momentum allowed to reduce the time for the release of the activities and the time to carry them out, thus avoiding misunderstandings and waste of time.

“Having been our Municipality the only one to have used Momentum to manage the volunteer aspect during the rise of Covid cases, I had the feeling that the potential of this kind of software was not fully understood by other Municipalities.
We who have tested it are even considering using Momentum to optimize and improve internal communication for other use cases. We are convinced that Momentum software can have more uses within the activities of our municipality through the wide margins of customization possible”.

Two other strong points have been highlighted by the municipality thanks to which it was possible to bring this project to success: the first linked to the proven solidity and completeness of the Momentum product; the second regarding the relationship and assistance of DOS Group SA.
The municipality considered Momentum a really interesting and performing product, which can be adopted for a wide range of different needs, in particular, to manage the possible second wave of emergency from Covid-19.

Regarding the relationship with the DOS team the dialogue was:

“absolutely excellent. We had the opportunity to talk with Cecilia Donetti (Sales & Product Owner Momentum) or with the Momentum Manager (Raffaele Calabrese) directly and quickly, without intermediaries. We had the opportunity to discuss and implement quickly (pandemic cause) our requests and needs, bringing the app into production in just one week”.

About Momentum

Momentum was born in 2014 as a system for emergency management, which then evolved into a real eco-system. It is based on an open architecture that allows you to plan a winning strategy for proper emergency management, so as to mitigate the consequences of accidents, prepare a group or community of people with effective information on risk and self-protection measures to be taken in an emergency, to manage and respond to it by alerting the appropriate response teams.

Although each sector is unique and there are great differences between the public and private sectors, Momentum is able to adapt to any need thanks to its modular structure that can be customized according to specific needs.
With this in mind, Momentum offers a full range of public sector-specific solutions for alerts, crisis management, mobile collaboration, rapid messaging, corporate fleet monitoring and management, temperature and access control during the Covid-19 pandemic, IoT solutions and third-party platform integrations.

Do you want to learn more about Momentum? Contact us for a consultation with our solution architects.

  • Date October 12, 2020
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