Momentum and Ticino Cuore Foundation on RSI La1 TV

It is a matter of fact that, in case of sudden cardiac arrest, the first minutes are extremely important. If CPR is promptly performed, the patient gets better chances of survival.

The Swiss Canton of Ticino is a pioneer. Medical studies demonstrate that the survival rate in this area is 57% while, on the other hand, the European average reaches roughly 20%.

How was this result achieved? Thanks to Momentum and to a widely distributed network of First Responders.

Claudio Benvenuti, founder of the Ticino Cuore Foundation, has been interviewed by Swiss National TV RSI La 1 to explain how Momentum works and to show the next steps to pursue to get an even better survival rate.

Watch the video here!





  • Date December 11, 2017
  • Tags News

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