Momentum app to save lives in Tessin.

In the newspaper of Wednesday, July 24, 2019, Corriere del Ticino published an article that highlights Momentum App to save lives and for the management of emergencies for victims affected by out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Tessin.


In May 2014, DOS Group SA and the Ticino Cuore Foundation decided to create Momentum, the first app in Switzerland designed to improve the management of alarms from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. The goal of the development of this APP is to reduce the waiting time of the victim and save more lives. To do this, the Foundation decided to set up a network of first responders, ready to help victims of cardiac arrest outside the hospital. The network is made up of people who, on a voluntary basis, decide to make their experience, skills and, above all, their free time available to help victims of cardiac arrest. To date, the Foundation has almost 4,000 volunteers out of a total of 365,000 inhabitants throughout the region, more than 1% of the population.

How does Momentum app to save lives in Tessin?

Before the arrival of the Momentum App, a system of notifications was adopted based on sending an SMS to the central. This system, however, was not able to be performing since, once the report was received, the center was overwhelmed by phone calls from rescuers interested in intervening.
This is no small problem when you consider that with every minute that passes by the alarm, the chances of saving people are reduced by 10%.
With the introduction of Momentum, the cardiac arrest alarm is delivered directly to the rescuers’ smartphones, via push notification and taking into account the location of the rescuers. At this point, the First Responders will be free to decide whether to accept or decline the request for action. In the event that the rescuer accepts the intervention, it is identified and geo-localized to know the real chances of success of the intervention and arrival at the place of emergency before the arrival of the ambulance. If it declines, it is not identified and geo-localized, and no information on the intervention is notified.

App to save lives | app to save lives from sudden cardiac arrest

Benefits of using Momentum in Tessin

To date, 365 cases of extra-hospital cardiac arrest have been recorded in Ticino, an average of 1 per day.
In the table above we have reported some advantages arising from the use of Momentum in Ticino.
Let’s run it through together:

  1. The first data concerns the comparison between the average time it takes for First Responders to start CPR if alerted by SMS or with the Momentum app. The average time to start a CPR for First Responders alerted with the Momentum app is 3.5 minutes; with the old SMS system, it takes 5.6 minutes.
  2. The second data concerns a comparison of the average time taken by rescuers to reach the place of intervention. First Responders alerted by the Momentum app reach the victim in an average time of 4.5 minutes. While ambulances reach the victim in less than 10 minutes.
    This is too long when you consider that a victim affected by sudden cardiac arrest has on average between 8 and 12 minutes to be rescued.
  3. The last data is based on a temporal comparison, carried out by the Ticino Cuore Foundation, on the percentage of victims affected by cardiac arrest (fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia) who survived after receiving hospital treatment. The comparison was made on a time frame that takes into account 4 years in which Ticino Cuore has served without the app and the next 4 years with Momentum. In the 4 years without Momentum (2010-2013), the survival rate for patients discharged alive from the hospital is around 37%. With the adoption of Momentum, in the following four years (2014-2017), the survival rate stands at 46% and is expected to reach 50% in the following years.


With the successes achieved in Ticino, we have understood how important it is to help a victim in time. For this reason, we are working every day with our cantonal partners to offer a service that guarantees the same standards of success achieved in our territory and that makes us proud of the work we do.
Because we are proud to be able to contribute with our APP to save lives!

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  • Date July 25, 2019
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