Momentum manages cross-device Feedbacks

Momentum acknowledges when alarms are received and manages cross-device feedbacks

Have you ever met someone who owns 2 smartphones? Or someone who still prefers to be contacted via the old good SMS message? Or has it ever happened to you that your data connection wasn’t as good as expected? All these scenarios are not out-of-ordinary. Everybody knows clearly how they prefer to be alerted, even using several different communication channels.

So that begs the question, how should dispatch centers behave in this complicated picture? What is the best way to alert responders, employees or emergency services? How can we be sure that our alerts are received, acknowledged and being taken care of? How can we find a way to get around poor data connection?
Momentum welcomes the new year with a big news: you can get a confirmation when alerts are received, and it is now possible to manage responses cross-device.

With Momentum’s latest release, admins can see if alarms are received and the software automatically interprets users’ responses even if they are sent from different devices or communication channels. What does it mean? It means that you will be able to see if your alert messages are received, while users will be able to answer you back via SMS, email or phone calls.

Let’s make an example: the dispatch center alerts a group of doctors both via push notifications and SMS. It could be that, right in that moment, some doctors haven’t got a good internet connection, but they are anyway able to reply to the alert message they have received via SMS. The dispatch center knows if push notifications or SMS were received, while doctors can accept the mission via SMS and run to the emergency.

This new feature is a further guarantee that Momentum is the right tool to alert the right person at the right time, and that it allows you to have a complete overview and control of emergency situations. Momentum is the most-advanced emergency management software on the market. The magnificent combination of integrated software and mobile app is the winning formula to obtain a better management of critical situations.

Are you fed up with your old software to alert users and manage emergencies? Try Momentum, there is nothing else that is so complete and efficient.
Contact us at and we will show you how Momentum can make the difference.

  • Date January 9, 2018
  • Tags News

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