Measure, check, optimize… Take a look at the new Momentum Statistics Module

While managing emergency teams and first responders, continuous optimization is mandatory. Dispatch centers need to closely monitor their responders and run statistical analysis to see if there are is room for improvement and if all the procedures are consistent.
With its latest release, Momentum makes available to administrators a new dashboard with statistical data concerning all the dispatched alarms and the performance of responders.
The data analysis can be run per month, per day of the week and even per time frame and it will also let you monitor the attendance rate of your responders so that you can see the percentage of missions where at least a responder decided to help.


The Momentum Statistics module also monitors the responders time to arrive on the scene. This is an extremely important KPI for dispatch centers that need to check the effectiveness of their rescue teams.


The Statistics module is already available for free to all Momentum customers. It is accessible clicking on the tab “Mission Reports” in the web platform. Statistics are available only to administrators.
And that’s not all. If you are interested in other reports or analysis, we can make customized dashboards for you.

Just drop us a line and we will work on them for you.

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