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New website, new functionalities: here is the new Momentum


Mendrisio, 14.11.2017 – Having achieved great success, Momentum, the Emergency Management System that optimizes rescue and business operations, is revived with a new brand and a new website (momentum.dos-group.com).

The software has already been adopted by several Swiss Cantons and dispatch centers across Europe to automatically alert first and rapid responders, police forces, or firefighters on their mobile phones and save lives. Momentum is also an operations’ management tool used by businesses in every industry.

Momentum is now presented with three child brands that reflect the main areas of application.

  1. Momentum – The Rescue Network: all-in-one system developed to meet the needs of rescue teams such as ambulance services, firefighters, hospitals, and police forces.
  2. Momentum – For Business: for companies that need to optimize operations, maintain business continuity and safeguard employees
  3. Momentum can be adopted also as a Fleet Tracking Tool to monitor rescue and company vehicles. It lets you know where your vehicles are and assign missions to drivers.

Momentum is 100% developed in Switzerland by DOS Group, a company whose CEO and Founder – Stefano Doninelli – is well-know in the Rescue industry, being president of SATi Alpine Rescue for the Ticino Region.

We wanted to give some fresh air to a product that has already expanded from Ticino to Switzerland and then to Europe and that has been adopted by rescue teams and companies on the Swiss territory but also abroad.

Momentum keeps expanding and it evolved with new technologies and functionalities to satisfy customers in different industries. The software has already won several international awards and it arose interest among important international partners.

According to Doninelli:

The pace of the technological evolution of Momentum is staggering and we at DOS Group do not fall behind. We are very close to launch a new version of the software with many new and innovative features, but we will disclose more soon

How does it work? Momentum is a highly reliable system that, in case of an emergency or crisis, automatically selects the most suitable users or groups of users who can intervene. The selection takes into consideration several requirements such as skills, availability, job, etc… and only the best users who can manage the emergency are alerted via push notifications, sms, emails and many other communication channels. As soon as your message is received, users can answer you back, share their location (via GPS), and build a two-way communication channel in whatever situation.

Who is using it? Momentum is a highly flexible tool that can be adapted and customized to fit any need. It is used by rescue teams, hospitals, police forces, firefighters, school, and by businesses in several industries such as safety, transportation, energy, pharmaceutical, banks…

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  • Date November 14, 2017
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