Notification System to communicate with citizens: why is so useful for Local Organizations.


How can local organizations inform their citizens in a correct and timely manner during the Covid-19 emergency and struggle the spread of fake-news?

The continuous spread of coronavirus cases around the world has confined millions of people to the so-called lockdown. The period of forced quarantine is pushing many to seek the latest news on the course of the emergency and possible remedies to struggle it.

Alleged do-it-yourself therapy, suspicious medical advice and misleading news. There are a lot of fake news on the web and social networks and, according to an American study, it is the nature of these platforms that diverts our attention from important factors, such as the truthfulness and accuracy of the news. And so, even if you don’t want to consciously feed the misinformation, you stumble and share by propagating useless anxieties or phantom reassurances.

Paying the most for the consequences are the organizations and local governance (Regions and Municipalities) that have to face, in addition to the problems generated by the contagion, fear, panic and word-of-mouth anxiety of uncertified news within their community of citizens. It is therefore good to remember that the only certain and reliable news on the subject should be sought on institutional sites such as the World Health Organization, which also has a section specifically dedicated to disprove the fake news that circulate with more insistence.

But to reach citizens more quickly and effectively, and avoid any kind of panic, local organizations are relying on the use of systems for dispatch communications. Through the use of interconnected platforms and apps, the committees responsible for managing the coronavirus emergency send a push notification to all citizens to inform them of the status of the emergency and communicate the rules to be followed to avoid any risk of contagion.


Why do they rely on these emergency notification systems?

In order to better understand why they rely on these systems, we have identified 5 points that could provide more clarity.

1. Countering all kinds of untrue news

With the daily dispatch of push notifications containing the state of emergency bulletins, documents on commercial activities open and performing normal service, and information on the rules of conduct to be followed, any kind of false news circulation is avoided.

2. Save time and improve the efficiency of notification messages

With a web console platform, organizations can send a large number of notifications to an unlimited number of contacts. This automated process saves time in sending messages since there is already a certified group of contacts.

3. Multichannel, but only to the preferred one

An Emergency Notification System can kind of communicate on all available communication channels. Of course, the organization can choose to use them all or some or only one.

4. Feedback

One of the most appreciated things for these organizations is the possibility of receiving feedback back from the public to see the message. This makes it possible to know live which people have not received or opened the push notification.

5. Daily practice makes perfect

The more a process is used, the better things will be when it is needed later. One of the biggest advantages of using an emergency notification system is that it should not only be used during emergencies. There are several ways in which a notification system can be used for everyday situations and activities, such as notifying the public of road closures and detours. Daily use will increase the efficiency of the tool and reduce uncertainty and skepticism.

The main objective for organizations during an emergency is to ensure the safety of all citizens and with a notification system this is more achievable than ever.
An adequate system enables them to communicate quickly and effectively with citizens and send truthful and certified information.
With the spread of contagious, we are helping organizations to develop the best suited software to let them keep inform correctly and manage the communications toward internal employees.

  • Date April 27, 2020
  • Tags News