Organisation Valaisanne des Secours (OCVS) and Cœur Wallis

The Canton of Valais chose Momentum to inform rescue groups and manage alarms in case of cardiac arrest. The interface has been specifically designed to facilitate the management of assistance in case of emergency. The Operations Centre has full control via the backend software, while users receive information through the application on their smartphones.

The Organisation Cantonale Valaisanne Des Secours (OCVS), together with the association Cœur Wallis, has now its customized version of Momentum, installed on First Responders’ mobile phone and perfectly integrated into the dispatch center software. Another important step that will let us have a better management of emergency situations across all Switzerland.

For further information please visit Cœur Wallis website and read the articles on the press.

  • Date June 15, 2018
  • Tags Momentum The Rescue Network

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