The Canton of Basel Stadt and positive effects of using Momentum : a year later

survival rate for cardiac arrest in Basel

Last year the First Responder System based on the alert of lay rescuers through the Momentum App’s has been implemented in the Canton of Basel Stadt, and analyzing the results obtained we can affirm that it has been a success! 

Starting from the 18th of October 2018, the Department of Health assisted by the Justice and Security Department of the Canton Basel gave the go-ahead to create the First Responder System in the region, with the intention to follow the winning model implemented in the other Cantons in Switzerland.
The adoption of the Momentum software has had a double goal: to implement a rescue chain, composed of Lay Rescuers, able to reach a cardiac arrest victim before the arrival of the specialist; to enhance the chance of survival of the victims.

In this first year of foundation, the Canton has focused its effort on the formation of rescuers. But what jumps right out at you is the extraordinary enthusiasm by the local community who has decided to support the project signed up for the courses en masse. More than 1.000 have been the voluntary rescuer trained to intervene in case of cardiac arrest. This strong interest comes as the canton’s awareness-raising campaigns, but above all by the growth of social responsibility of the local community.  Indeed, more are the people that choose to offer their time with a unique goal identifiable in helping someone in need.

The First Responders, since the first day of activityhave been used for 57 cases of emergencies concerning cardiac arrests or so-called ones. In 21 cases the victims have been reached in due time and successfully reanimate. The high number of victims rescued means that the short term survival rate has already enhanced from a lower 10 % (registered before the implementation of Momentum) to 40 % in just a year!

Extraordinary data who have allowed at the Canton to pursue our goal every day:


  • Date December 5, 2019
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