On 4 September 2014, Swisscom will present the most pioneering ICT project in Switzerland with the Swisscom Business Award. The names of the finalists have now been released with the award being fought for by Manor AG, Universitatsspital Basel (Basel University Hospital), Schwyzer Kantonalbank, MSC Cruises, Fondazione Ticino Cuore (Ticino Heart Foundation) and Loeb AG. “We selected these finalists from around 80 applicants”, said chairman of the judging panel Thomas Wirth.

The Swisscom Business Award honours Swiss companies and institutions that have implemented exemplary ICT solutions. Some 80 companies applied for the 2014 award. “Both the number and quality of the projects submitted for the award increase every year”, said chairman of the judging panel Thomas Wirth. “We found deciding on the nominations for the finalists to be a challenging task.” The solutions were judged on their business benefits, the degree of innovation shown by the technology involved as well as their sustainability.

The six finalists for 2014 Competing against one another in the final will be Manor AG, Universitatsspital Basel (Basel University Hospital), Schwyzer Kantonalbank, MSC Cruises, Loeb AG and Fondazione Ticino Cuore (Ticino Heart Foundation). There is considerable pressure placed on sales and margins in the retail sector. As a result, Manor has created a solution which POS managers can use to work flexibly. Using an Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA), the managers can access all relevant back-office systems, as well as personnel scheduling, merchandise management, printers, real-time transactions and the temperature monitoring system while on the move. The base on which this solution has been developed is the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. The POS managers can use this device to complete all back-office tasks while on the sales floor, thus gaining time to provide customers with advice. This could mean the end for all office PCs, barcode scanners and DECT telephones.

Universitatsspital Basel is the first hospital to work with a tablet solution with its own EMR app (Electronic Medical Report). Now, doctors no longer have to refer to patient files in paper form when doing their rounds; instead, they can use tablets. The EMR app contains all of the patient’s information, such as personal details, medical findings, x-ray images, referral letters from GPs, etc., which means that doctors will always have all of the information necessary at their disposal in their pocket. Doctors will also be able to schedule their workflow more flexibly and may, for example, complete preparatory work at home. Schwyzer Kantonalbank (SZKB) is redefining the way in which it services its customer relationships with its nominated solution.

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  • Date September 4, 2014
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