Ticino Cuore Foundation

The mobile app and the web interface crafted for Ticino Cuore have been conceived with the aim of providing a technological tool able to complete two kind of task: informing Canton Ticino citizens regarding the news and events related with the Foundation and manage alarms toward first responders’ network in case of SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest).

Ticino Cuore Foundation
Ticino Cuore Foundation was established in 2005 by FCTSA (Ambulance Services Ticino Federation) and Cardiocentro Ticino. It aims to inform Ticino population about resuscitation and defibrillation techniques, in order to enhance surviving of people affected by sudden heart attack.


Ticino Cuore and Momentum
In order to efficiently reach these goals, Ticino Cuore chose to trust DOS Group to produce a customized version of Momentum which may allow the association to promote activities and connect the First Responders net (cardiac massage certified laic rescuers), so that interventions for heart attacks may be easier to handle.

In case of heart attack signaled to 144 emergency number, the sorting center inform – via push notification – the First Responders network. The notification warns rescuers about the area where the heart attack occurred and asks for their availability to intervene. When the First Responder confirms the intervention request via smartphone, he gets the details he needs to reach the emergency place. The system geolocates all the available First Responders and sends a confirming information only to those who are closer to the place, compared to the ambulance.

On www.ticinocuore.ch, Ticino Cuore Foundation’s web site has a Public Area which displays information about the association’s events and goals, together with a Ticino map showing all the public defibrillators on the territory. The Restricted Area allows First Responders to register online and update their bios; Admins may approve subscription requests of First Responders, manage the interventions archive and modify its parameters.

App Mobile
Ticino Cuore Foundation’s app – which can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play – also shows both public interest content and restricted features for registered users. The app shows news, the defibrillators map and a practical guide for cardiac massage; it also allows to receive emergency notifications and interact with the center, confirm availability for intervention, and get information about the place where intervention is required.

The solution produced for Ticino Cuore Foundation uses two integrations provided by Momentum with Yammer social network and Beacons Bluetooth technology.
Yammer, a Microsoft business social, is used to allow communication and ideas sharing in Ticino First Responders’ community. Beacons – wireless information transmitters – were placed close to public defibrillators; they use the mobile app to give notification of defibrillators’ presence to the First Responders who are within a given distance from the emergency place.

In June 2014 Ticino Cuore app is selected as one of the six finalists for the Swisscom Business Award, event that takes place in Zurich and whose aim is to reward the best Swiss technological solution in terms of innovation and usefulness. On September 4th, during the Swisscom Dialog Arena at the Hallenstadion in Zurich, Momentum and Ticino Cuore app get the Audience’s favourite award. Among the six finalists, infact, Ticino Cuore app got the largest number of votes from the public.

Take a look at the introduction video of the Ticino Cuore app designed by Swisscom for the Swisscom Business Award.

  • Client Ticino Cuore Foundation
  • Date October 18, 2014
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