What does it mean to understand the security needs of a corporate?

Last week the Momentum team organized a “Design Thinking” workshop within a large international company with whom we are collaborating, with the aim of analyzing and better understanding what their corporate security needs may be during the phases of criticality.

The goal of organizing this event was to better understand:

  • what is the current status on corporate security;
  • what are the most common critical issues within the company to date;
  • what the methods and mechanisms for improving internal security management may be;


Our Solution Architect & Development Manager Mauro Ferratello went to their headquarters and, through his experience in the Agile Methodology, led the workshop with company safety managers. The meeting was divided into four parts in which:

  • in the first part we tried to understand and analyze the possible scenarios that could occur in case of emergency;
  • in the second the actors involved in every kind of emergency were identified;
  • in the third the problems that could arise in certain emergency situations characterized by unforeseen events in the field were analyzed;
  • in the fourth, finally, the critical issues that individual actors could meet (for example, prolonged response times) were analyzed.


The last phase was to analyze the information gathered by the company security managers and to structure the ideas and solutions necessary to solve the critical issues. Before validating and inserting them among the tasks of the development team, our solution architect carried out a general evaluation of the proposals and, subsequently, an analysis of feasibility of implementation and operation.

Why do we organize these events?

For several years, our company has decided to adopt the AGILE Methodology in the context of development. This refers to a set of development methods that emerged from the 2000s and designed to quickly develop and deliver quality software. This approach, in addition to referring to the developer department, tends to directly and continuously involve the customer with regard to the development part. Usually, those who interface with the development part are product managers and business analysts who participate in the design and development phases and actively interact with our department suggesting changes, restructuring, and new proposals.
This approach guarantees to always be aligned with the customer’s needs and allows us to always be transparent with them. In fact, the client has full access to this work methodology and can, therefore, measure the conversion of each action.
To reinforce the use of this approach, both among our teams and with our customers, we have opened in Mendrisio Swiss Agile Center, the first sharing space that promotes technological development with an Agile organizational model.
The adoption of this method allowed us to:

  • have faster execution for project design;
  • less dispersion of resources and funds;
  • better relationship and interaction with customers;
  • best customer satisfaction

Are you interested in developing a project with us?
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Some pictures of the Workshop


  • Date June 24, 2019
  • Tags News