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An avalanche occurs and he receives an alarm notification

A rapid onset of mild temperature conditions has triggered various avalanches. A mountain rescue operations centre receives a distress call from a mountaineer that has reported to freeriders that have been buried in an avalanche. The operations centre register a mission and immediately alerts nearby avalanche dog handlers.

He communicates his availability status and prepares his dog and the rescue material

Peter acknowledges the alert by communicating one out of a set of several availability statuses. Peter readies his avalanche dog and waits to be selected for the mission.

If he is selected or refused, he receives a notification

Peter receives a push message when he is selected. He waits for a helicopter to pick him up, as his current location was transmitted to the operations centre dispatching the helicopter.

If he is selected, he can see the list and the position of other team members and can call them

Before being picked up by the helicopter, Peter can already see other avalanche dog handlers’ positions on a map and can even contact them by directly calling them from the mobile-app.

In case of an updated mission, he receives a notification

Meanwhile, Peter has arrived on site. Several items of clothing have been found in the snow, which has been registered by the operations centre and automatically transmitted via mobile-app to all involved rescuers.

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