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She identifies the caller and the emergency location

Adele gathers information about the caller and his location. She then enters all information into her mission control system or directly into Momentum.

She alerts the right group of rescuers

Using her mission control system’s standard functionalities or the mission creation functionality in Momentum, Adele alerts the group of rescuers that she needs for the mission. Adele can, if needed, alert several groups at once.

She selects the right available rescue forces

After having alerted the rescuers, Adele sees their current position and their status on a map of her own choosing. She can then select the rescuers that she wants to have in the mission individually. 

She checks the rescuers in operation

During the mission, Adele checks the Momentum map to see rescuers’ current positions, their status, their qualifications and their contact details. Adele can also send updates via push messages to all involved rescuers. 

She closes the mission

After the mission has been concluded, Adele uses her mission control system or Momentum to automatically inform everyone about its closure. 

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