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A fire occurs in a building

A fire is reported to have occured in a five-storey building within a volunteer fire brigade’s municipality. The operations centre logs the mission and sends out an alarm to all volunteer firefighters.

He receives an alarm notification with mission overview and meeting point

Matteo receives an alarm on his mobile app that contains all the relevant information and the mission location on a map. Also the meeting point is conveyed to him in an easy-to-read text.

He communicates whether he is available or not

Matteo signals his availability status by pressing a button in the mobile app after he has been alerted. Availability statuses correspond to the group that has been alerted and can be changed configuratively.

When selected, he receives a notification and confirms his departure to the meeting point

The operations centre or even the mission’s commander can select any given firefighter, which leads to them receiving a push message, with further information being shown in the mobile app.

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