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Stefan is on duty

Stefan is a traffic police officer that is on duty. In order to be alarmed in case of an emergency, Stefan logs into the Momentum app.

He receives an alarm notification with the meeting point (police station)

The operations centre receives a call that a traffic accident has occured on the A5 highway. After having registered key parameters of the mission, the operations centre sends out an alarm to all nearby traffic police officers. 

He communicates his availability status

Stefan receives the alarm notification, which includes the aforementioned key parameters and even the meeting point at the police station. He confirms his availability with one of a set of predetermined statuses.

If he is selected, he receives a notification and confirms his departure to the meeting point

The operations centre can select Stefan, which leads to him receiving a confirmation message. He can then signal his departure to the meeting point.

The operations center can send updates and stay in touch with him

The operations centre can send updates to all involved traffic police officers. Using the mobile-app, traffic police officers can easily contact the operations centre.

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