Automatically dispatch alerts to the best responders

Being already integrated with the most popular CAD and EMS software for dispatch centers, Momentum automatically selects and alerts rescue personnel or lay responders.

Momentum makes a Smart Selection so that only the best responders can intervene and run to the emergency site, while the dispatch center monitors the situation.

Responders are alerted and monitored on their mobile phones, via several different communication channels.

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Automatically selected responders receive alerts and messages on their mobile phones, via Momentum Mobile App, Push Notifications, sms, phone calls, emails, and many other communication channels.


You can use Momentum to dispatch alerts to recipients with specific skills such as health professionals, first and rapid responders, police officers, firefighters… based on their location and availability and ask them to intervene or give them instructions.


Momentum is the right tool if you need to massively communicate to a large population in case of wildfires, drought, extreme weather, traffic or any other matter of public security.

New Features and Functionalities!
Smart Selection

Momentum automatically selects the best responders for that specific emergency.

Privacy compliant

Responders can decide how and when to be contacted. Data protection is a priority.

Situational Awareness

The dispatch center knows who is running to the emergency site and monitors the situation.

Zero hardware

Momentum is provided as a Software as a Service. No hardware is needed.

Fleet Tracking

You can use Momentum to track ambulances, rescue vehicles, and much more.


Momentum can be easily integrated to your dispatch center software to automatize the process.

Emergency Management is easy with Momentum.

What our Clients Say

«Thanks to the teamwork made with DOS Group, we now have a tailored tool that we didn’t even imagine could be so helpful for us and our network».

Claudio BenvenutiFondazione Ticino Cuore

«With Momentum we can now ensure faster and safer mobili- zing of the First Responder in case of medical emergencies».

Marco HarderKanton Bern

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What is good gets good press coverage. Read what it being said about Momentum.
Momentum is integrated to your CAD Software

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