The first National App for Swiss First Responders.

With CH Responder, Switzerland will be the first nation worldwide with a national app for alerting first-responders in case of cardiac arrest.

CH Responder

Every year in Switzerland 8.000 victims are affected by sudden cardiac arrest, less than 5% survive and few of them can be reach promptly by the rescuers services.

Starting from the experience that we have gained, in collaboration with our cantonal partners, we have developed CH Responder, the first national App for Swiss First Responders.

CH Responder will quickly activate the First Responders, alerting not only the rescuers of the Canton where the emergency occurs but also the rescuers of other cantons when they are near the site of the intervention.

CH Responder was created to meet a triple objective:

  • Save more lives across Switzerland by alerting more rescuers;
  • Create a community of First Responders at the national level;
  • Improve collaboration between the cantons in the management of first aid in the event of cardiac arrest.

How does it works?

To partecipate to the First Responder National Project there are three prerequisite:


Being a First Responders in one of the Canton which uses the Momentum Application.


Be in possession of a BLS – DAE certification approved by one the Canton.


The Canton must have joined the program “CH Responder”.


In Switzerland there are 30.000 AED to be used by technical staff or even from voluntary first responders.

CH Responders lets visualize through a maps the right position of DAEs present in all cantons that join the National project.

CH Responder

To use this app, you must be registered as a Momentum First Responder in your canton, and your canton must participate in the national Momentum program. Your registration data on the cantonal Momentum App also apply to this national Momentum App.

Today, 13 cantons representing more than 50% of the Swiss population, already use an APP from the Momentum family to alert and guide the First Responders in the event of cardiac arrest in their own canton.

Thanks to the collaboration with the cantons of Bern and Solothurn (the first two cantons to start), the CH Responder application will allow rescuers to receive intervention notifications and view the location of AEDs outside their own canton.

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