Keep your staff safe with wearable devices.


How to manage the distancing of employees?

Maintaining and enforcing minimum safety distances between employees is one of the most critical issues facing a company or organisation during Coronavirus. What can they do to mitigate this problem?
Using wearable social distance detection devices it is possible to monitor the actual distance between employees and send alerts to them or to facility managers when a shorter distance is detected. In fact, when the safety distance is exceeded (which can be between 0.5cm and 2m), an alarm is automatically generated and deactivated only when the distance is restored.

dispositivi di distanziamento sociale
sicurezza dipendenti; riduci il rischio di contagio;

Personnel always safe in the company and in the office

Based on Article 6 of the Labour Act and Article 10 to combat the Covid-19 epidemic, the Swiss employer is obliged to take preventive measures and ensure that workers can comply with the recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health.

With the devices for the management and monitoring of social distances, it fully complies with federal guidelines, facilitating the return of employees to the company and ensuring maximum reliability and safety. In addition, with this solution, you increase the trust and credibility placed in your staff and minimize the possibility of company sanctions.

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Why adopt distance detection devices

Avoid groupings in the company

Regulate stopping times in certain areas

Counting the people present within an area

Limiting the spread of contagions

Monitor attendance time in certain areas

Respect the distances between people

Why integrate them with the Momentum app

With integration it is possible to analyse, monitor and predict risk behaviour and that the minimum safety distance is respected. In addition, with Momentum’s mobile app, it is possible to intervene in real time by promptly alerting those responsible and sending a warning of non-compliance, directly to employees’ smartphones.
This ensures that your company has a complete solution that ensures the right distance between people and increases internal security.

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