Web Platform

The Web Platform is the hood of Momentum. It is where administrators can manage the emergency and the users. The Web Platform lets you launch and monitor emergencies, dispatch alarms, see who is intervening and communicate to your users.

The Mobile App

This is where your users receive alerts. The app is compatible both with Android and iOS devices and it is extremely easy to use. It provides all the details about the emergency and it puts the users and the administrators in contact in an easy and safe way.


Each and every customer uses Momentum in a different way, this is why we offer tailor-made solutions that can be integrated in pre-existing alarm systems, dispatch software, or any other third-party software.

Momentum is custom-made on the needs of our customers. Each customer has its own web platform and mobile app. Customization can be both graphic, or it can even include specific developments.


Momentum can be integrated to computer-aided dispatch software and already existing alarm systems or sensors so that emergencies are automatically detected. In this way all your alerts are dispatched without any human intervention.


A system developed to meet the needs of rescue teams such as ambulances, firefighters, hospitals, and police forces. 100% integrated to popular EMS Dispatch Software.

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For companies that need to optimize operations, maintain business continuity and safeguard employees. An handy solution to save people, money and investments.

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Momentum can be adopted also as a Fleet Tracking Tool to monitor rescue and company vehicles. See where your vehicles are and assign missions, in complete safety.

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